Two opposing factions control the mean streets of Solana.

To thrive in the filth, you will have to pick a side.

Mafia vs Police (MvP) is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated unique mafia and police portraits in the form of NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Composed of 5,000 pieces from each side, Mafia vs Police aims to introduce a creative community built on the concept of interactions between NFT art pieces.

Starting with a competition between the two factions, MvP will see holders of NFTs from each side race to out-sell the other during initial mint for attractive rewards including royalty streams, airdrops, and cash prizes. We aim to launch our initial mint with a pre-sale for 1 SOL on 25 October 2021 at 5pm UTC for our most active and loyal members and the main sale at the same time on the day after. MvP will boast over 10 to 15 unique hand-drawn designs for each of the seven customizable traits and each portrait will be stored on the Solana blockchain.

So… Will you join the Mafia – the brotherhood of organized crime. Or will you enlist as a new recruit of the Police and become a sacred protector of law and order?

Join us in the tug of war of epic proportions at MvP! Which side will you choose?


The initial round of Mafia vs Police will be for a period of 7 days after our initial minting date

The first faction to sell out will win the competition by default

In the unlikely event that either faction has not sold out, the faction with the highest volume of transactions after the 7 day period will be designated the victor


Royalty Streams

The winning faction will get 5% royalties from all secondary sales of BOTH sides. Royalty earnings will be distributed on a quarterly to all holders of NFTs of the winning faction


100% of unsold NFTs from the losing faction will be randomly airdropped to holders of the winning faction over time, provided 75% of the NFTs have been sold out on both Mafia and Police factions

Cash Prizes

$10,000 or equivalent in SOL will be distributed to top 5 holders with the most number of NFTs in the winning faction


As they say, only a made man can induct another man into the mafia, but the Mafia in Solana is different in this regard. As agents of mayhem and destruction, the Mafia sow chaos wherever they go. Irrespective of class and creed, everyone is welcomed to join the Mafia. Led by one they call the Don, all it takes is guts, a love for violence, and a degree of insanity to walk the damned path of sin.
So come, take the oath of omerta, and join the brotherhood of organized crime where unspeakable glory awaits.


The Police serve to protect the law and order of Solana. With a deep sense of duty and justice, the Police are the guardians of the city. Their motto “Serve and Protect” perfectly encapsulates their commitment to protecting and preserving the safety and property of the citizens and to uphold the values of the law.
Their doors are always open for brave new recruits, so what are you waiting for!


MvP will be launching an exclusive game for the sole benefit of our holders. The Mafia or Police NFTs will serve as avatars for their holder’s characters in-game.

While we are currently in the early stages of development, the team has many ideas such as death matches, weapon NFTs, hardcore mode to further expand on the concept of NFT interactions. So stay tuned for future developments in our pipeline!


25 October 2021

Launch & start of the initial competition

25 October 2021
1 November 2021

Conclusion of the competition and winning faction announcement

1 November 2021
Q4 2021

Listing in the secondary exchanges for trading between holders

Q4 2021
Q1 2022

Sale of MvP merchandise exclusively available to holders

Q1 2022

Release of the exclusive MvP Game

Future Down the Road

Collection based rewards, DAO, or cross project interactions and competitions

Future Down the Road



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